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College curriculum is ever-changing. While the core concepts taught typically stay the same, small tweaks happen semester-over-semester.

We seek to deliver a top-tier, course-customized study experience for you despite these tweaks. To do that with the maximum effectiveness, we need visibility into them.

No different than laying your course documents on the table during an in-person tutoring session, you’re now be able to upload your course documents to Crammer Nation for a more tailored study experience.

The general rule of thumb is: If it's a graded document and your professor indicated not to share it, then don't. Otherwise, you're good.

See "Gaining an unfair advantage" in Miami University's Academic Policy.

Absolutely not. Your privacy is a top priority for us. When you upload course documents, your identity will remain anonymous. We won't publish or disclose any information linking a specific document to an individual uploader.

We will only be making syllabi / curriculum schedules viewable on our site to provide visibility into the "course-customized" nature of our offering.

Document TypeShown on site?
Syllabus / Curriculum SchedulesYes
Homework ProblemsNo
Course SlidesNo
Practice ExamsNo

While we accept uploads for homework problems, practice exams, course slides, etc. to help further customize our Cram Kits to your needs, we will not be making this document-type viewable on site.

Simply put… as soon as humanly possible. Courses that already exist on Crammer Nation will be able to be updated more quickly, as the foundational content is already present.

Then this is your opportunity to let us know, and share with us the resources you need help with!

Cram Kits for new courses will be prioritized based on…

  • The number of students enrolled in the said-course
  • The number of requests we receive from our Crammers to expand into said-course