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Hey! We're an online guided study platform for Farmer students in the foundational, required business courses!

I'm a Miami 2021 alumnus, and in January 2020 I built this platform after being a tutor & teacher assistant for BUS 104 & CSE 148 for 2.5 years.

With the help of tutors, teacher assistants, and student experts, we expanded into ACC 221, ECO 201, ECO 202, ISA 225, & MTH 141 shortly after!

- Adam Wise, Founder of Crammer Nation

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It was so clutch and I am extremely happy I used this system. Without it, I may have failed my ACC 221 exam. I also bought the BUS 104 one and they both worked wonders for me. Highly recommend 10/10!!! I have told many of my friends about it!

– Parker Kufel (3/13/2023)

Very helpful and simple. I had no clue what I was doing the day before my BUS 104 exam but this made me actually understand the material.

– Spencer Chippi (3/8/2021)

The CSE 148 Excel Cram Kit was extremely helpful! I loved how each task was walked through and the Kit made all the course content much less overwhelming!

– Anna Cerroni (3/9/2021)

Lifesaver for me. I bought this a day before my BUS 104 SQL exam and did this alongside reviewing labs and after reviewing both of these, I finally felt prepared for the exam.

– Jack Pleiman (11/7/2021)

Bought this the night before my exam and it definitely helped me understand and get a better grade! 10/10 recommend. Just go buy it! You won't regret it!

– Whitley Calder (3/15/2021)

Honestly would not of been able to complete my BUS 104 Python exam with out Crammer Nation. I will 100% be buying again for the next exam. It is worth every cent.

– Lucy Bain (3/8/2021)

Our study resources work. Students feel prepared to answer exam questions correctly with confidence!

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BUS 101 Mini Client Challenge

300+ First Year Integrated Core (FYIC) students gain experience working with a real client (us!) in preparation for their final project.

Farmer Week Sponsorship

We sponsor the Business Student Advisory Council (BSAC)'s Farmer Week! Last spring, we did an entrepreneurship workshop!

Crammer Nation Station in Farmer

Whenever possible, you'll find us in Farmer School of Business hanging out! We always hand out food... typically Dunkin' Donuts! 👀

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