Given that resources for an entire course are valued at $100...

Exam Cram Kit


$100 Course Value / # of Exams

Unlock ONE exam in ONE course

Access to Concept Breakdowns

Access to Practice Problems

Access until end of current semester

"I'm screwed for one exam, but don't want help with any other exams in this course."

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A $100 Value for One Course!

Unlock ALL exams in ONE course

Access to Concept Breakdowns

Access to Practice Problems

Access until end of current semester

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A $700 Value for All Courses!

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BUS 104, ACC 221, ISA 225, ECO 201, ECO 202, CSE 148, MTH 141

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Price Breakdown - Single Course


According to Miami University, undergrad students "should estimate at least $1,240 ($620 per semester) for books, course materials, supplies, and equipment."*

Assuming the student is enrolled in ~5 courses per semester (most students are in ~15 credit hours at 3 hrs per course), that's $124 for course's textbook.

* As of Sept 21, 2023

Textbooks are typically long-form text, whereas Crammer Nation embraces short-form video content with an interactive user interface.

Textbooks contain a LOT of information and can be daunting. With Crammer Nation, we drill-down to the core of what you need to know, and explain it to you in the shortest amount of time.

Private Tutoring

Let's say instead, you decided to hire a private tutor. You meet with them weekly to help get you through the course. Conservatively, let's assume your tutor charges $20 per hour (this is a considerably low tutoring price estimate).

Given that there's 15 weeks in a semester, you would pay $300 for tutoring throughout a course (excluding any additional fees).

Please see How are we different from tutoring? for more details, but here's the spark-notes:

  • Accessible 24/7 (you don't have to worry about "no available time slots" with us!)
  • Accessible anywhere (dorm room, study room... use it wherever you learn best!)
  • At-your-own-pace
  • Interactive
  • Budget-friendly (Traditional tutoring costs ~$40+ per hour... we offer comprehensive course coverage for just $89! [See Course Cram Kit])

Crammer Nation

In contrast, with a Course Cram Kit, the cost of Crammer Nation's help throughout a course is $89.

Price Breakdown - All Courses


According to Miami University, "tuition for two semesters as an Ohio resident costs $17,808."*

Assuming 5 courses per semester, this equates to $1,780.80 in tuition per course.

We offer resources for 7 of those courses, which a student will be spending an estimated $12,465.60 in tuition for.

* As of Sept 21, 2023

Crammer Nation

In contrast, with Unlimited Access, the cost of all Crammer Nation resources in all our course offerings is $349.