How Freshmen Just Like You Have Excelled in Farmer... Without the Stress!

The special $0.99 orientation offer expired following Miami's last orientation session on June 29th.


BUS 101 Mini Client Challenge
300+ First Year Integrated Core (FYIC) students gain experience working with a real client (us!) in preparation for their final project.

Farmer Week Sponsorship
We sponsor the Business Student Advisory Council (BSAC)'s Farmer Week! Last spring, we did a hat giveaway + entrepreneurship workshop!

Crammer Nation Station in Farmer
Whenever possible, you'll find us in Farmer School of Business hanging out! We always hand out food... typically Dunkin' Donuts! 👀


It was so clutch and I am extremely happy I used this system. Without it, I may have failed my ACC 221 exam. I also bought the BUS 104 one and they both worked wonders for me. Highly recommend 10/10!!! I have told many of my friends about it!

– Parker Kufel (3/13/2023)

The ISA 225 Cram Kit was so helpful and gave me a better understanding of the material on the exam! I like how it broke each section down, even the parts that may have seemed easy to understand.

– Halle Lieffers (3/13/2023)

I bought this the day before my BUS 104 Python exam, I was so lost and with this I was able to understand all of the topics and did super well on my exam! This is a must buy.

– Grace Gannon (10/11/2021)

Very helpful and simple. I had no clue what I was doing the day before my BUS 104 exam but this made me actually understand the material.

– Spencer Chippi (3/8/2021)

Adam does an amazing job of breaking down each practice question piece by piece. I used it for BUS 104, and even if you were a little bit nervous about your coding skills (like I was), Crammer Nation will give you all the necessary tools to succeed. 10/10 would recommend for anyone to purchase before an exam.

– Justin Klotz (3/16/2021)

The CSE 148 Excel Cram Kit was extremely helpful! I loved how each task was walked through and the Kit made all the course content much less overwhelming!

– Anna Cerroni (3/9/2021)

Purchased this the day before my BUS 104 SQL exam with very little knowledge or confidence in what I had learned in class. Crammer Nation totally saved me from doing poorly on my exam. I would 100% recommend buying it either if you were in my situation or just want some more efficient practice.

– Nick Brunenavs (10/31/2020)

Lifesaver for me. I bought this a day before my BUS 104 SQL exam and did this alongside reviewing labs and after reviewing both of these, I finally felt prepared for the exam.

– Jack Pleiman (11/7/2021)

Bought this the night before my exam and it definitely helped me understand and get a better grade! 10/10 recommend. Just go buy it! You won't regret it!

– Whitley Calder (3/15/2021)

I was very nervous for our first BUS 104 exam and I hadn't studied for it until the night before with this Cram Kit. Thank God for it because it literally saved my grade!

– Kristyn Kasler (3/8/2021)

Honestly would not of been able to complete my BUS 104 Python exam with out Crammer Nation. I will 100% be buying again for the next exam. It is worth every cent.

– Lucy Bain (3/8/2021)

As someone who struggled with Excel, I was looking for other tools to study for my CSE 148 test. I bought this the night before the exam, and it helped me tremendously. Crammer Nation has given me the confidence to succeed all of my CSE exams!!

– Matt Lamanna (10/24/2021)