BUS 101 Mini Client Challenge – Spring ’24

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My name is Adam Wise, and I'm the founder of Crammer Nation!

SparkNotes - Adam / Crammer Nation

  • Freshman & Sophomore Year (2018 - 2019) - Tutor & teacher assistant (BUS 104 & CSE 148)
  • Junior Year (2020) - Founded Crammer Nation, started writing online study resources.
  • Senior Year (2021) - Added videos to my study resources, spike in usage and word-of-mouth.
  • April 2022 - Left corporate to go all-in on Crammer Nation.
  • August 2022 - Expanded our course offering by 5 courses (ACC 221, ISA 225, ECO 201, ECO 202, MTH 141).

Empower college students with comprehensive yet concise study resources for core business courses, accessible online anytime, anywhere.

Core business courses (accounting, economics, coding, statistics, etc.) all teach the same foundational topics, no matter the university.

And we provide comprehensive yet concise study resources for those foundational topics!

"Cram Kits", which contain:

How might Crammer Nation establish itself as a no-brainer study resource for college business students across the Midwest?

To further guide you:

  • What are Crammer Nation's strengths here at Miami?
  • What are Crammer Nation's weaknesses here at Miami? (We'll want to address these before expansion into Midwest!)
  • How might you describe a resource like this to someone who is new to it? (Ex: at a new college in the Midwest)
  • What defines a "no-brainer" study resource in your eyes? Describe it. Is there one that already exists in your life?

Two points of encouragement:

  1. You're not going to offend me. If your solution is, "Hey Adam, this part of your website sucks, and here's why..." I'm going to say "Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!"
  2. There are no stupid questions. The best teams have been the ones who ask the most questions! Not to mention, I love talking about Crammer Nation, so the more you ask, the more fun I have!

You will not be considered for the prize if you do not cite at least 3 conversations with students at other Midwestern colleges. I need to know (1) their college and (2) year. (Include in presentation)

THIS DOES NOT MEAN set up a professional interview with them. It means shooting them a text, Facetime, phone call... whatever feels right to you and enables your team to gather the best insight!

In my experience... Casual Convos = Candid.

To be eligible to win, fill out the form below so that we can reach you to announce winning teams!

One team will be chosen from each class!

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