BUS 101 Mini Client Challenge – Fall ’23

My name is Adam Wise, and I'm the founder of Crammer Nation!

After being a teacher assistant for BUS 104 for 2.5 years, I created this platform in January 2020 during my junior year at Miami University. I currently live in Chicago.

To provide course-customized, online study guides that save you time as you prepare for exams!

We do that by walking you through the concepts that you face in class in the format you're seeing right now, accompanied with practice problems to help solidify the concepts!

We currently provide Cram Kits for these courses...

  • BUS 104
  • ACC 221
  • CSE 148
  • ECO 201
  • ECO 202
  • ISA 225
  • MTH 141

...and are looking to expand into more in the coming semesters. 👀

Browse the site and record your honest thoughts. Word-vomit is encouraged.

I want your presentation to start with these thoughts. It's invaluable to me as a business owner to see things through the eyes of my target audience.

Imagine Crammer Nation were to add a new course offering...

How might Crammer Nation generate widespread usage of future course additions?

Avoid solutions that surround these themes:

  • Ambassador programs
  • Partnering with Miami student organizations or student activities
  • In-person tutoring

We're a small enough business that, we actually do implement ideas generated from the BUS 101 Mini Client Challenge.

That's the beauty of the early-stage Crammer Nation is currently in!

The top 2 teams from Dr. T's classes will be receiving their BUS 104 Course Cram Kit for FREE, on-the-house, as a thank you from the Crammer Nation team!

(Winners will be reimbursed if they already purchased before the winners are announced.)

If you want to be eligible to win the BUS 104 Course Cram Kit prize, we need you to fill out the form below!

Click here to become eligible to win!
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