Academic Integrity

We take high importance in ensuring that our resources respect Miami's Academic Dishonesty rules.

We have reviewed Miami's Academic Integrity principles, and have discerned that our resources abide by said principles.

If you have any questions concerning this, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will respond within 24 hours.

If you were to get a tutor, they're going to walk you through what you need to be prepared for on your exam. That'll (hopefully) include concept breakdowns and practice problems.

Crammer Nation is no different.

We do what tutors do in an online format, accessible to you whenever & wherever you need it.

All of our content goes through a stringent review policy. During this review, we ensure that the content never copies word-for-word the questions and/or answers on students' actual exams.

Akin to tutoring...

We walk students through custom-built practice problems that relate to, but do not copy, what they'll face on their exams.

College curriculum is ever-changing. While the core concepts taught typically stay the same, small tweaks happen semester-over-semester.

We seek to deliver a top-tier, course-customized study experience to you despite tweaks in curriculum that may happen semester-over-semester. To do that with the maximum effectiveness, we need insight into any curriculum changes.

No different than laying course documents on the table with a tutor, you can upload course documents to us for a tailored online study experience.

Take me to the upload form!

NOTICE: Your identity will remain anonymous when uploading. Your privacy is a top priority for us. In addition, there is no reason we'd need to share your name in regards to an upload. Uploads are stored in a private Dropbox server.

Please refer to the below excerpt from Miami's definition of Academic Dishonesty.

Simply put... if your professor indicated not to share it, then don't! We respect professor preferences with the courses they teach.

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